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People, and humanity more broadly, are at the centering element of my life and work. Mine has been a life of social movements and transformations – the Cold War while living on Strategic Air Command bases, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, gender rights, Flower Power, organizational development and psychology, human potential, climate change, mass migration and multi-culturalism. I was a white freshman in the first high school in Florida to desegregate – then moved to an urban Connecticut high school with 3250 students, 30-40% of whom were ‘people of color’. Social and political engagement followed. I had 11 ‘homes’ before I graduated from high school – 29 more since then. Moving into others’ neighborhoods, figuring out the social dynamics, and getting connected became a core competence, as well as necessity. I’ve worked professionally in education, healthcare and high tech – and ‘consulted’ in 21 countries across industries, helping people work more effectively and rewardingly together.


Throughout all this, I’ve learned to notice the individualities and commonalities of people within and across places, organizations, and social groupings. I’ve come to notice the poignancies of people’s feelings, hopes, aspirations, and concerns.


It is this life experience that informs and energizes my sculptural work.

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