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My work invites a continuing dialogue -- with myself, the materials, and the audience. Sculpting figuratively in clay since 2004, I use clay, cast glass, and bronze to portray our experience of life, and our contribution to it. My content, forms, and materials hopefully inspire awareness of this experience -- and in so doing, contribute to it. I sculpt portraits as well as imaginary characters, both in-the-round and in bas relief. While all my pieces begin taking form in clay, they may be completed in cast glass or bronze, resin, or as fired ceramic.

My sculptural characters emerge from the clay, with their expressions of underlying experience and personal narratives. I explore and facilitate this emergence, as much as I purposefully shape the clay to express some experience I have in mind.

I want to engage feelings and thoughts -- elicit memories and reflections -- invite imagination of conversations and narratives -- encourage the finding, understanding, and giving of meaning through interaction with my sculptures.

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